audit service


In-depth assessment.

audit service

Scalater makes its experts available for a wide-ranging analysis which facilitates to identify improvements required as first step to upgrade digital presence.

The Scalater's Way


Nobody is able to solve a problem if isn’t aware to have it. We find those grieve points usually hidden causing terrible headaches.


But just to find them is not enough, there is also required to clarify why are issues and how are affecting objectives, goals and visions. Scalater does that.


Digital presence is not a set of divisible areas, is an intertwined whole and should be projected & explored as well. That’s what we offer with this service.


At the end we will handle a report which is exceptionally valuable for a business, equivalent to an action plan or guide for solving glitches standing between where they are and want to be.

Audit service may include professional assets in several areas:

App/Plugin Development

Website Development

Performance for desktop & mobile versions

Design status

Content status

SEO status

Social Media status

SEM projection

Who can enjoy our Services?

People or companies which identify the need to improve their online presence, experienced or beginners, being committed to obtain quality results and value their time and ours.

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