Scalater anniversary

Scalater is a made-up word that means escalating, growing, and going beyond. It is like a stairway to go up to your goals and desires. Of course, we’re a business, and we don’t deal with dreams, but we’d like to help you get closer to them by helping your business.

We’re a small shop brew in the bowels of Latin America. Scalataer’s foundational story should say that their father was from Europe, but as every child, got emancipated and moved back to its country of origin, Uruguay, with all the knowledge and some accomplishments from the old continent.

From there, we’ve tried to satisfy the growing international demand for website and e-commerce software, always putting our customers in every project pole position.

About our way of doing things, we play.

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We have a good time doing what we really like; some of us write code, and some write text. Others connect us with people interested in our skills, and others coordinate our work and teams to make something out of it. According to our customers and colleagues, the sum of all these elements is quite useful, making us very happy. Because we respect people we do business with us, it would be impossible another way. Who can trust someone who can’t respect?

The past January the 20 was our anniversary, and we’d like to propose a toast for a year of a year old company—a baby growing bigger and stronger, winning and fighting for a little bit of… cake.

Of course, we’re newborns as a company, but as persons, we are young and experienced, eager for adventures, new challenges, and new clients. We want to earn to support our dreams and our team. If our first objective is our clients, our second is our team. We want them healthy and happy. Working their own hours and on what they like the most, whatever that is.

Scalater’s team photo on the anniversary day

This last year we’ve won prices, gotten small and big clients, and people have come and go, but what we’re more proud of is how far Scalater has come. That’s why today we celebrate and rest; tomorrow, we’ll get to work as always for our clients, our team, and the community.

A toast: for us, you, and everyone in the IT industry.

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